Stored Polymath

A rather mild looking, middle aged man with an academic ait

Civilization: The Stored
Society: None

Themes: Empathy (Wise father figure) 2, Comprehension (Aha! moments) 3

CVs: Life 4, Identity 3, Knowledge 10, Responsibility 3

Capabilities: Bio n/a, Cog 10, Meta 5, Nano 5, String 5

Professions: Artist 4, Courtesan 5, Crisis Control 6, Engineer (all of them) 5, Explorer 4, Farmer 2, Financial 6, Legal 5, Media 4, Medical 6, Outdoorsman 2, Police 4, Political 2, Programmer 6, Religious 2, Researcher (all of them) 6, Soldier 5, Spacer 2, Spy 5, Teacher 8, Locality (Stored) 8, Locality (all others) 5

Age: 350 or so

Notes: Renato Villani considers himself proof that if you live long enough, you'll become an expert in all things. With over 300 years of life behind him, Renato has done many, many things and discovered he likes and is good at a few of them, particularly teaching, research, programming and medicine. He also loves to travel - be it in person or via telepresence. Currently, he has a teaching position at a Masquerade university in the school of medicine.
The Stored use their Nanotech and Stringtech scores only when defending their server. They often have help in this, as many Stored tend to build their servers together. They use the Nanotech score of any remotes they control. They have no Biotech scores except in simulation.
They exist solely in the infosphere, but are otherwise treated as normal characters.

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