Stored Programmer

Projects the image of a attractive Renaissance or Medieval scribe in southern Italian clothing. Frequently inhabits a remote that looks like her projected image.

Civilization: The Stored
Society: None

Themes: Romance (Attractive) 3, Romance (Short term) 2

CVs: Life 6, Identity 2, Efficiency 4, Variety 5

Capabilities: Bio n/a, Cog 9, Meta 4, Nano 6, String 2

Professions: Programmer 10, Cognitech Researcher 4, Cognitech Engineer 6, Locality (Stored) 5, Locality (Tao) 4, Courtesan 5, Artist (Acting, Illumination) 4

Age: 110

Notes: Tita Fontanesi is a mere 'youth' by Stored standards, having just reached her first century. She is a respected and valued contractor programmer for the Tao of History, typically working on Mediterranean history entertainments. She's unusual for the stored in that she uses a synthetic body that looks much like her own does and revels in the sensations of the physical world. She also has a host of less obtrusive remotes that allow her to work in Tao projects.

The Stored use their Nanotech and Stringtech scores only when defending their server. They often have help in this, as many Stored tend to build their servers together. They use the Nanotech score of any remotes they control. They have no Biotech scores except in simulation. They exist solely in the infosphere, but are otherwise treated as normal characters.

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