Stored Reporter

Image: A handsome dignified young man in a suit. Typically found in a media remote.

Civilization: The Stored
Society: None

Themes: Intrigue (Admiring viewers) 3, Plot Immunity (He's just a reporter) 4

CVs: Life 3, Identity 5, Truth 7, Interconnection 6

Capabilities: Bio n/a, Cog 7, Meta 6, Nano 5, String 3

Professions: Police 4, Media 9, Spy 5, Locality (Stored) 5, Metatech Engineer 2, Locality Tao) 3, Locality (Independents) 4, Artist (Writing, Videography) 6

Age: 238

Notes: Bello Tucci is a well known and respected journalist in human civilization (well, as well known as anyone can be among trillions of humans). He has broken stories on Darwinian attacks and plots, as well as developing diplomatic incidents. Because of this he has a network of admiring viewers who tip him off to potential stories.

The Stored use their Nanotech and Stringtech scores only when defending their server. They often have help in this, as many Stored tend to build their servers together. They use the Nanotech score of any remotes they control. They have no Biotech scores except in simulation. They exist solely in the infosphere, but are otherwise treated as normal characters.

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