Elsbeth Schragmüller

Elsbeth Schragmüller is a plumply pretty burnette, with a cool calculating look.

Civilization: Tao of History
Society: None

Themes: Intrigue (Old spies network) 2, Intrigue (Acadamia) 2, Comprehension (Dedicated analysis) 1

CVs: Authenticity 6, Tradition 4, Secrecy 7, Efficiency 6

Capabilities: Bio 6, Cog 8, Meta 8, Nano 8, String 2

Spy 8
Politics 6
Legal 4
Teacher 7
Locality (Tao) 7
Locality (Masquerade) 4
Locality (Roamers) 5
Locality (Stardwellers) 4
Locality (Union) 4
Locality (Rationalists) 5
Locality (Replicants) 4

Age: 99
Lifespan: 300

Notes: Elsbeth Schragmüller, aka the Fraulein Doktor, aka Tiger Eyes, was a spy in World War I. Her Tao namesake lives up to her history - excellent in academics, organizing teaching and spying. As such, she's learned much about the Tao's strongest allies, tools and their foes.
As with all Tao, Tiger Eyes has an additional twist each game to use for Intrigue, Empathy or Romance.

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