Marco Polo

Famous Explorer and Trader

Civilization: Tao of History
Society: none

Themes: Plot Immunity (Friends in High Places) 2, Intrigue (Word from Distant Lands) 3

CVs: Authenticity 7, Tradition 3, New Horizons 4, My Crew 4

Capabilities: Bio 7, Cog 6, Meta 6, Nano 8, String 2

Professions: Explorer 8, Media 2, Locality (Tao of History) 5

Notes: A major figure from an old Venitian milieu, which will probably be shut down or "accelerated" soon, as it's starting to get out of its more interesting phases and become less profitable. As a good start, check out Wikipedia's article. Marco despises swimming references. As with all Tao, Marco receives +1 Twist per game to spend through Empathy, Romance, or Intrigue.

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