Boudica, Queen of the Iceni

Warrior Queen turned Diplomat

Civilization: Tao of History
Society: High Society

Themes: Magnetism (Sheer Audacity) 2, Romance (Physical) 3

CVs: Authenticity 4, Tradition 7, Good Breeding  6, Rank Has Its Privileges 3

Capabilities: Bio 6, Cog 7, Meta 10, Nano 5, String 3

Professions: Political 9, Locality (Tao of History)  5, Locality (Independents) 4

Notes: Wikipedia has an entry on Boudica. This actress played Boudica years ago, and has moved on from the role, but still carries herself in a very similar manner. Her success with the role earned her high standing in the Tao, and she remains one of their strongest political levers. As with all Tao, Boudica receives +1 Twist per game to spend through Empathy, Romance, or Intrigue.

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