Robert Guiscard

A tall, blond bearded man with sparkling blue eyes. He's usually dressed as a medieval noble, with a sword on his belt.

Civilization: Tao of History
Society: High Society, Hyperevolutes

Themes: Intrigue 3 (Cunning), Magnetism 2 (Charismatic)

CVs: Authenticity 4, Tradition 6, Efficiency 5, Good Breeding 5

Capabilities: Bio 8, Cog 9, Meta 10, Nano 5, String 4

Athlete (Horsemanship) 4
Historian 6
Legal 5
Locality (Tao) 7
Locality (Roamer) 4
Locality (Logicians) 3
Locality (Replicants) 3
Locality (Union) 3
Media 5
Politician 8
Soldier 6
Spy 4

Age: 109
Maximum Lifespan: 500

Notes: Robert Guiscard is one of the more accomplished Tao nobles and leaders. He has managed to get his milieu of Norman Italy rebooted at least once so far. He's also neck deep in Tao defense and intelligence policy, planning for eventual conflicts, as well as trying to defuse them.
As with all Tao, Robert receives +1 Twist per game to spend through Empathy, Romance, or Intrigue.

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