Elliot Ness

A serious dark haired man with a center part.

Civilization: Tao of History
Society: None

Themes: Comprehension (Sherlockian) 3, Plot Immunity (Lucky) 2

CVs: Authenticity 3, Tradition 4, Law 6, Order 6

Capabilities: Bio 8, Cog 8, Meta 7, Nano 8, String 3

Police 6
Locality (Tao) 6
Locality (Independents) 5
Legal 5
Media 5
Politics 5
Crisis Control 4

Age: 59
Lifespan: 400

Notes: Elliot Ness is a fairly famous Tao policeman. He's as pugnacious and publicity hungry as his namesake, but much more competent at managing it. The fact he knows his business as a policeman helps as well.

As with all Tao, Ness has an additional twist each game to use for Intrigue, Empathy or Romance.

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