Allan Pinkerton

Stocky man with red hair and beard, dressed in 19th century American business attire.

Civilization: Tao of History
Society: None

Themes: Intrigue ("Its who you know") 3, Comprehension ("Careful thought") 2

CVs: Authenticity 5, Tradition 6, Security 5, My Network 5

Capabilities: Bio 6, Cog 7, Meta 8, Nano 8, String 2

Police 6
Spy 7
Crisis Control 5
Locality (Tao) 5
Locality (Roamers) 4
Locality (Union)2
Locality (Rationalist) 3
Locality (Replicants) 3

Age: 85
Lifespan: 300

Notes: Allan Pinkerton is one of the earliest famous policemen and counterintelligence operatives. He founded his own private investigation and security organization that continued for centuries after his death.
Like all Tao, Allan Pinkerton has an additional twist each game to use for Intrigue, Empathy or Romance.

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