Otto Skorzeny

Tall, athletic man with dark brown hair and a dueling scar on the left side of his face.

Civilization: Tao of History
Society: None

Themes: Magnetism (Charismatic) 3, Plot Immunity (Lucky) 4

CVs: Authenticity 5, Tradition 6, Excitement 5, Details 6

Capabilities: Bio 7, Cog 4, Meta 7, Nano 7, String 4

Professions: Athlete (Fencing) 5, Athlete (Modern Military Pentathlon) 5, Historian 6, Locality (Tao) 5, Locality (Old Worlder) 4, Outdoorsman 4, Soldier 7, Teacher 5

Age: 252 years
Lifespan: 400

Notes: Otto Skorzeny is one of those admirable enemies (at least from the Allied side). Tough, lucky and charismatic, he is a notable soldier from World War II. In the far future, he's a favorite villain of World War II Tao entertainments and as such stays well employed. As with all Tao, Otto receives +1 Twist per game to spend through Empathy, Romance, or Intrigue.

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