Halzar of Korava

A Cognitechnician who practices what he preaches.

Civilization: Union
Society: Hyperevolutes

Themes: Comprehension (Removing Waste) 2, Magnetism (Respected Scientist) 3

CVs: Order 10, Obedience 10, Efficiency 10, Caution 3, Grand Works 4

Capabilities: Bio 6, Cog 8, Meta 5, Nano 5, String 2

Professions: Cognitech Engineer 8, Metatech Engineer 6, Programmer 6, Locality (Union) 5

Notes: Halzar really believes in cutting the slack out of everything. Even his house is arranged for maximum efficiency, to say nothing of his own mental processes that he's been optimizing for years. If he wasn't so interested in spreading the word, he'd be a very boring person, but he has a definite personal drive that has captivated many. Like everyone in the Union, Halzar has a fifth Core Value.

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