Wu Ching-i

Inquisitive worldwalker

Civilization: Disciples
Society: none

Themes: Intrigue (Eavesdropper) 3, Plot Immunity (Wasn't Him) 3, Romance (I'm Exotic) 2

CVs: Worship 4, Privacy 6, Discovery 6, Questioning 8

Capabilities: Bio 5, Cog 5, Meta 3, Nano 5, String 4

Professions: Religious 3, Locality (Masquerade, Tao, and Stardwellers) 2, Stealth 7, Locality (Disciples) 4

Notes: Wu's teachers are beginning to suspect that he's never coming back from his pilgrimage - it's been a long time. Wu himself is somewhat unsure. His Plot Immunity score means that people shooting at him are liable to vaporize shadows by accident. Like all Disciples he can move about without being detected, and is not affected by sensory deprivation.

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