Lo Fu-wren

Secretive holy man

Civilization: Disciples
Society: none

Themes: Magnetism (Other Disciples) 2, Empathy (Disturbed Minds) 3, Comprehension (Mental Disorders) 3

CVs: Worship 8, Privacy 6, Silence 6, Concealing Knowledge 2

Capabilities: Bio 3, Cog 4, Meta 4, Nano 5 String 3

Professions: Religious 5, Stealth 7, Locality (Disciples) 6

Notes: Lo believes that the final mysteries of the Disciples should be kept to the Disciples alone, and only revealed to those who have proved their dedication to the path. He has seen many minds broken by the absolute stillness of the void, and is very good at bringing them back to reality. Like all Disciples he can move about without being detected, and is not affected by sensory deprivation.

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