Technology in SA

There are five fundamental kinds of technology in this game:

  • Biotech, which affects or works through the use of living beings. Genetic engineering, terraforming, symbiotics, and designer drugs all fall under Biotech.
  • Cognitech, which enhances our minds and their abilities. Enhanced pattern recognition, instant response techniques, cerebral simulation processors, and the all-important neural meshes fall under Cognitech.
  • Metatech, the advanced procedures of social interaction. From city planning to psychohistory, from memetic plagues to the Voice of Peace, Metatech shapes society at all levels.
  • Nanotech, involving devices built on an atomic scale. Starting with simple nanotubes, this technology builds up to replicators and nanophages, and holds the promise of completely programmable matter.
  • Stringtech, which comes from String Theory, the "ultimate theory" of physics. In peacetime Stringtech provides electrical power, element transmutation, and wormhole transit. In times of war, it strikes with the fury of antimatter guns and fission-fusion beams.

Technology has changed the world of SA. From the neural meshes that the Cognitive Union exploits to control its citizens to the wormholes that make Stardweller culture possible, tech has a significant impact on human society.

You can find more detail on specific pieces of technology in our SRD:

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